Terminator Face Effect Vfx

Learn how to add effects on face like Terminator Eye Effect. Tutor used SynthEyes 2008 Object tracking method to track the motion of my head. In After Effects He removed the features on his skin and composed all the VFX stuff as seen in the breakdown. 3ds Max was used to place objects.
He worked out a new technique for himself to cut away an objects surface.


Objecttracking in SynthEyes 2008 (Facetracking)

This part shows, how to track an objects motion using SynthEyes Supervised tracking method. In this case facetracking.
I’ll show you how to use prerolling to get a better track and what to do if you have got splitted trackers.
In the next part you’ll solve the objects motion and you’ll learn how to finetune the trackers in a correct way.

Solving and finetuning in SynthEyes 2008

In this part we’ll use the added trackers from part 1.1 (Objecttracking in SynthEyes 2008) to get a good solve. Moreover we will finetune the trackers in a good way. Also you’ll learn how to remodell a part of an object using the solved 3d points. And of course we will correctly export the solve and the modell to use it in 3ds max. In the next part we will import the solve and place the remodelled half face site and I will show you how you are able to place and remodell the terminator head to get it look correctly.


Importing, placing, mapping & remodelling in 3ds max

In this part you will learn how to import the data from SynthEyes and how to place and remodell a terminator head


Drawing a natural Opacitymap in Photoshop CS4

In this part I show you how to get your skin looking 3D using an easy technique. We will use Photoshop to darken down the just drawed opacity map and we’ll use the upcoming map in 3ds max to generate a cool 3D look of the face.


Get 3d depth using Photoshop and 3ds Max

In this part you will learn how to apply a cool 3d look to your skin, that it does not look so flat. Moreover I show you how to cut away an objects surface using a black/white bitmap.


Blood in Photoshop and Eye Animation

In this Part He is gonna show you how to draw good looking blood using photoshop CS4. Moreover I show you how to animate the eye and how to render the scene.


Compositing multiple elements in After Effects

In this part you will learn how to composite all the elements (head, blood, 3d depth) and give it a realistic look by bringing down the quality of this elements.


Removing the Points in After Effects CS4 and SynthEyes

In this Tutorial you will learn how to remove added features (in this case black points) in low detailed areas.


Color Correction and rendering

In this part you’ll leanr how to color correct your video and what to do to force the viewers attention to a certain object in the video.
I have done this tutorial for every beginner who don’t know how to do color correction.



Effects on Face

Effects on Face

Effects on Face

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